8 Augusta Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2M 5R2, Canada
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
of St. George


·        Outreach - If anyone knows of any our shut-ins who would like to receive a visit or confession and communion, please contact Father Gregory at (905) 937-3636.

·        Office Hours - Please contact Father Gregory at (905) 937-3636 to make arrangements.

·        Coffee Hour - following the Divine Liturgy is announced.  It's a great chance to catch up with friends and make new acquaintances!!

·        Library Committee - is recruiting new members.  Anyone interested in joining, please call Noreen Bartkiw.  This is an excellent group which works to enrich our Church and cultural life.

·         Membership Dues – We humbly ask all our faithful to pay their current year's membership dues as soon as possible so we can pay our obligations to the Consistory and Eastern Eparchy.  We graciously thank you for your attention to this important matter and responsibility.

·         Church/Sunday School - We encourage all children to participate in our Church School.  We ask our parents to talk about the benefits of participating in Sunday activities.  Let us teach our children to learn about their Orthodox faith and their Ukrainian heritage!  Please contact Father Gregory for more information.
·         Every Orthodox Child, having attained the age of 7, should be prepared for the Holy Mystery of Confession.  We ask that if you have children, grandchildren or Godchildren who are 7 years or older and have not yet approached for the Holy Mystery of Confession, please contact Father Gregory.

·         Confession:  Half an hour before the liturgy or by appointment.  Those who do not know or have any doubts regarding the Orthodox Faith, cannot come to Holy Confession without talking to Father first.  Children under the age of seven are allowed to come to Holy Communion without coming to Confession.

·         Baptisms:  Parents should arrange a personal meeting with Father Gregory to make arrangements.  At least one parent should be an active Orthodox Christian when setting the date for baptism and at least one godparent should be a practicing Orthodox Christian.  Baptizing a child in the Orthodox Church presupposes that the child will be raised as an Orthodox Christian.

·         Weddings:  Couples should arrange a personal meeting with the priest to make arrangements.  At least one party should be an active Orthodox Christian when setting the date for marriage.